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Testifying About the Light


As I re-read this devotion I wrote so many weeks ago, I am seeing a patterned theme in the devotions.  Immanual.  God with us.  Jesus is my star, there is no need to follow the star to find Him because He is right here with us.  In my heart. 

Yes, I suppose if I continue to think we do need to "follow The Star," but not to find Him, but rather to do His work.  I've already found Him.  Or actually, He does the finding!  He found me!  I found Him back I suppose by my believing in Him.

Last night we decided to visit a restaurant we had never been to before because they were having a free Christmas concert, we had already traveled to that city for a funeral, and we were hungry!  This restaurant also decided about a month ago to give a free Christmas dinner on Christmas Day to lonely people or people with financial hardships. 

To me, it felt as if I was following Jesus, the bright and shining star.  People with amazing voices had given of their time to sing.  People were giving money for the free dinner.  People were friendly. The whole atmosphere was happy and full of good Christmas cheer.  It was a bright and shining Jesus moment in my day.  It was nothing I planned or did, but rather was there to witness so I can go out and speak of God's great love to others.  Jesus found me yet again and I am now able to tell others what I saw.

Yesterday a handyman fixed the light over our sink by putting in a new wire and left without charging us, wishing us a Merry Christmas.  Wow!  Jesus's light shown again and I get to testify about Jesus again!  Twice in one day!  And if I think about it, many more times have I seen Jesus through other people in my day.

Please pray with me.  Lord, I hope in Your Word. You are the Word.  You are hope!  You are the light that shines in this dark world and I am so blessed to be able to see that light shining in what other people do. Grant me courage to testify about these things I see and to give You credit when I speak to others.   Help me to be that "this little light" that shines on others. I pray these things in Jesus name, true God and true man.

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(first posted 12/18/15)

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