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(first posted 12/5/15)

I used Tara's free doodle download today to make this margin strip and I really like how it turned out!  So cute!

Today hubby and I are headed out to a "Help Portrait" event.  This is such a cool event where a whole bunch of people show up to take professional portraits for people who cannot afford to have their own portrait done.  They get their hair and makeup done, spend time while waiting for their photos in conversation or crafts for the children, and walk out with framed photos.  Hubby is going to be a greeter at the door and I am going to be an editor of the photos before printing.

We are stepping out and taking action today!  However, not every day has available such an amazing opportunity to do a servant event.  Most days servant events are not so obvious.  I am reminded that for as much as this ministry here online is a good thing and God's uses it far more than I will ever imagine to help others, I also have to get up and away from my computer and t.v. and go do things and be face to face with people.  

I am reminded about a recent trip to Trail of Tears State Park this Fall where we were sitting at the lake and a foreign exchange student came up to us to visit with our dogs because he missed his own dogs.  Had we not just gone out and been out in public, this exchange about religions and lifestyles would have never become a conversation.

Remember that you do not have to work so hard to be marvelous moving mountain mouth.  You just have to move and be out there and God will take care of the rest.

Here is today's devotion.

Here is Tara's doodle downloads matching the devotion.  PLEASE do use them in any personal use way and share with us, either in the Facebook group or comment below with a link to where you are sharing.

I did a page sharing how to Hybrid Bible Journal with these margin strips.

Above is a margin strip I made with the verse in the devotional.
To get an advance copy of all the devotions and to read more about our challenge for you, see this post.

Please pray with me.  Lord, I praise You for my ability to "go" whether online or with my feet, to move out and make disciples by telling others about You or merely being an example of Your love.  Please bring to my mind my sins as I sit in silence for a moment.  I thank you for Your forgiveness for no man could ever ransom me from my ugliness like You have done for me on the cross that I should live forever in heaven with You.  I give thanks to You, O Lord, because You turn your anger away from me when I deserve to receive Your anger.  Oh what mercy You give me!  I feel so loved.  Holy Spirit, be present as I share God's Word with other people and work in the hearts of those who hear to bring them to faith.  Make me available at the right time and the right place to make it convenient for me to share my many daily mini testimonies so that I can be Your vessel to bring others to faith.  My heart breaks for those who hear the Word, receive it with joy, believe it for a while, and then with testing fall away as You share in Your Word in Luke 8:13.  Grant us all true steadfastness in faith.  In your name I pray, Amen.



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