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Oh my!  This pinball analogy is one that I use often in life.  So when I received Tara's graphic, I knew immediately I would treasure it.  That is me in that graphic!  Bouncing around from my best laid out plans only to bump into God's plans and be redirected.  Sometimes I feel like I have 3 balls bouncing around as I juggle and jump between tasks!  Ah!  That's when my pinball life really gets crazy and I get anxious for all the balls to settled down.

Sometimes I have little pinball moments such as yesterday when I was determined to get a small sewing project done during my lunch hour.  First my lunch hour was cut in half. Then I made the hole too small and struggled to turn it inside out.  Then one of my sides of stitching did not catch all the layers of material.  Then I struggled again to turn it right side out.  Then my dog distracted me and my re-sew happened on the hole side instead of the side that needed reinforcing, so I had to get out my ripper! Grrrrr!  I stitched the repair and struggled to turn it right side out.  I could make it!  I only had to do the top stitching and I had just enough time!  I went down one side and started down the second and guess what???!!! My bobbin ran out of thread!  I had to put the whole thing down and give up.  My goal was not going to be met and I had to accept it.  It would get done after work.  Mini pinball moment after another.

I have to accept the pinball moments of life and not let them stress me to no end.  It is much more healthier for my soul to accept them and learn to ride the bounces with a happy face knowing that in the whole of life, things are still okay.  I am still okay.


Please pray with me.  Praise You Lord, O my soul!  I put not my trust in the things of this earth that seem to lead me astray like a pinball machine daily, but rather I put my trust in You who is my salvation and who made heaven and earth.  I have seen Your works and they are much greater than any goal I might have.  I know in my heart You love that I set goals daily for unless I am moving and going, you cannot use me for Your Kingdom.  However, I daily learn patience as You redirect my going to mesh with Your plans.  These pinball moments feel like trials, but help me to not dwell on earthly things and to dwell in You instead.  Give me wisdom to know the difference between Your redirection and the evil one's redirection so that I may stand up against any evil foe.  Forgive me, Father, of my sins that are often a cause of my own wayward bouncing ways.  I pray these things in Your Holy name, who makes all things good.  Amen.

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(first posted 12/15/15)

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