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A beautiful mess spreads


Stretching my mind to type an introduction as I read today's devotion, I realize that I was barefoot after church for the rest of the day yesterday. We were painting the walls in the guest bedroom. Hubby's skill is paint runs down the wall and my skill is dribbles on the floor. lol We were laughing as we both realized our faults. Thankfully, both wipe up easily.

One time a dribble of paint got under my toe as I stepped on it and then made a mess across the floor as I walked. 

My beautiful paint mess spread.

God can use me, a beautiful mess, to spread His Word. He even says when I do spread news about Him, that my feet are beautiful! Go ahead and read the devotion . . .

Please pray with me. Lord, You are the Lord and have called me to righteousness, but I fail miserably. Please forgive me. Thank You for loving me, forgiving me, washing me white as snow, and making me righteous. Open my eyes to see those who need to hear Your good news of salvation and give me courage to share testimonies of the things You have done for me. Just yesterday I learned of someone I know that does not believe in You. I was surprised. This is someone I do not see often, but the next time I do, please give to me the right circumstance to share what You have done for me to this person so I might drop a seed in his ear that You can grow. Take these things I blog about and guide the person or persons that needs to see and read them to this blog and use them to water souls. I cannot do anything to give people faith, but You O Lord are the giver of faith. Thank You for my gift of faith! Use me to reach others as is in Your Will. I pray these things in Your Holy name, the almighty and ever-living God. Amen

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(first posted 12/21/15)

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