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Coming and Misbehaving


I really like this devotion I wrote.  As I re-read it again this morning, I realize how many times I've thought about this analogy since I wrote the devotion.  I really think this one is going to stick with me the rest of my life.  Analogies really help me to remember concepts and to bring them to mind time and again.

For instance, just this morning I used the dremil to trim the girls' (Ria & Tizzy) nails.  They really dislike getting their nails done, but they know that when both girls are done, no matter who goes first, the one who goes first patiently waiting, they will get a treat.  I am amazed that this reward is enough for them to "come" when called even though they know they will have to go through something they do not like going through.

This little analogy is just a small spin off the original devotion that I encourage you to read.  Hence for this little analogy, God is the same for us.  We have to "come" when called because we know of the great reward at the end, even if we have to go through some things in this life we do not like having to go through.

Please pray with me. Thank You Lord for coming to earth and dwelling among us! Even though Your physical body left earth, You are still here with us! I have been listening to a lot of Christmas music this month and even though I cannot sing well, my mind and heart sings along. Oh sing to the Lord a song for He has done marvelous things! Make a joyful noise to the Lord, You, O Lord! Thank You for loving me so much that I am not afraid to come to You when You call. I trust in You, even when I know I have to go through the rough times. Even when I come to You because I have misbehaved, I am not afraid because You are gracious to forgive and full of truth. You make me glad with the remembrance of your birth as an only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ. I joyfully receive You and I joyfully come to You again and again to be washed as clean as snow. I pray in Jesus's name, the one who comes to be Judge and sees me as righteous only by what He does, not by anything I do.  Amen.

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(first posted 12/24/15)

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