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This 27-day devotional series was written with the goal to include the theme of "journey," something about advent or Christmas, or the birth of Jesus, and a Bible verse. Boxed into these three conditions, the writings became wildly out of the box and unique. These devotions are not a traditional type of advent devotion. Read about the SamePage: Book series on this page.


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Each devotion contains a full color doodle as a visual to enable the reader to connect to God's Word. Tara from Doodle from the Bible welcomes you to view her many other graphics and enjoy free downloads.

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Downloads & Extras

As our gift to you, we have both agreed to have the entire book available here on this website, including the graphics and downloads. First, there are non-color doodles for you to print and color. This would make a great project to do with your children as you go through these devotions.

Second, there are some Bible margin strips. When this book was first shared online, I wrote an introduction to each one and was surprised to find that from my life at that moment I was able to write a second life application devotion that matched the theme of each devotion. Maybe these will help you see how you can apply the devotions to your life. With some of these introductions, I offered Bible margin strips that you can print to adhere to your journaling Bible or use as bookmarks.

If you want to give back, please purchase the book.
Click here to download a .pdf for easy printing of the first 6 margin strips. Individual pages are on each introduction page numbered with an "a."

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Cheryl is a mother of three sons, ages 25, 26, and 30, and a grandmother to 2 (and one granddaughter in heaven), and lives in Southeast Missouri. She was baptized on March 26, 1967. You can find her at My Corner Online.

Tara a mother of six children, ages 4 through 27, and a grandmother to 5, and lives in Northeast Washington State. She was saved on April 9, 2013. She has doodle since she could hold a crayon.You can find her doodles at Doodle Through the Bible.

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