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6. Go on an Adventure Like the Magi


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[Doodle by Tara at Doodle Through the Bible; This devotion and doodles are our Christmas gift to you and we pray God bless you richly.]

We are the adventurers! Yes, my husband and I are self-proclaimed adventurers. We go places other people will not go. We go bravely into the unknown. We love the thrill of taking safe risks to find that fabulous view. We turn down roads when we have no idea where they lead. We seek those exciting and unique memory making moments. We do crazy things for the anticipated big bang of joy. We explore to stir the soul. We travel to great lengths to do or see something we have not experienced before. We love this beautiful green earth created by our awesome God.

Wise men were the adventures! They saw a star and followed it! The wise men followed that star for thousands of miles. What trust! “When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy” (Matthew 2:10). There it is! That anticipated big bang of joy! They found it! What would happen if I saw a star and just followed it for thousands of miles? Would I have the faith and trust in God strong enough to take such a journey into the unknown? It would certainly be an adventure with far more risk than our traditional adventures. Imagine what I would see and do. Imagine the excitement and joy and delightful memories.

However, adventures do not need to be so daring. Mini adventures can be found in our everyday life if we just seek them, have faith, and trust God. Step out and try something new. Do something different after work than the normal routine. Talk to a stranger. Drive a different route. Lie down and look up. Look down and under. God is everywhere and His joy is there waiting to be found. Go ahead, move with trust like the Magi. You will find Him, be overjoyed, and spontaneously worship Him with praises and thanksgiving.

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