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First posted 12/8/15)

I have this great phenomenon that when I re-post and re-read what I wrote on earlier blog posts, it always seems to apply to what I need to read that day.  This has happened again with today's devotion on being busy and filling every moment of the day and being depressed about not accomplishing goals.

I did that yesterday!  I filled every moment until I was beyond exhaustion and was semi-depressed with the knowledge that I do not think I can keep up in making the margin strips and I tried to switch gears and make a template for regular digital scrapping needs and nothing would come out.  Nothing, Nada, Zilcho. Completely drained of any creativity.

What if I woke every morning with fervor to spend every spare moment on hurrying to meet Jesus, just like the angels who came to meet Him in a whoosh?  Then to praise Him! Thankfully I am waking and writing these introductions and prayers every morning and in essence this time spent is with Jesus.  All is well with my soul.  


Please pray with me.  Lord, in You I take refuge. When I say "woe is me!," You protect me from my own self determination and my own busy-ness.  You slow me down by my own body which You created.  Thank You for the warning sign of exhaustion built into my body that tells me I have done too much. Thank You for the pain in my arm that tells me I am not sitting properly when I am on the laptop.  Thank you for the headache that tells me I've focused on work for too long. Thank You for the lack of creativity as I sit and stare at the computer which tells me I need to spend time recharging.   Help me to listen to my own body when it feels exhausted, sick, in pain, or emotional drained for it is how You created us to let us know it is time for rest. Lord, in You I take refuge and receive rest.  More importantly, I accept and receive that ultimate eternal rest with You in heaven.  Thank You for the reminder in the devotion today that reminds me that all this stuff I self-impose to do on this earth is of little value compared to hurrying to meet You each day.  Help me to keep my focus not on things of this world, but on You. You and You alone are my treasure, Lord.  I pray these things in Your name, the King, the Shepherd, and the one whom I desire to abide in.  Amen.

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