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I gave my son a copy of his book a few nights ago and hubby showed him this page and the devotion with a story about him.  He just smiled and did not say much.  I could not read his expressions.  I'm confident he read it later though and that he liked it.  Hey, I did not put in his name, just that he was one of my three sons!  They know who is who.

Hubby and I were laughing as we followed him in his car to the restaurant.  He not only is full speed ahead in walking since he was a young boy, but he is all full speed ahead in driving.  I could hardly keep up and I drive fast!  We realized he was 'marathon man" even when driving and asked him if he had ever gotten any tickets.  I think he would be honest and he said 'no.'  It's a wonder!

I remember when he was young and his older brother was in boy scouts.  He was 3 to 7 years young than all the scouts and when we would go on hiking trips, he would always be out front.  Yep, he would lead the troop down the trail.

Many times I would panic because we would not be able too find him and would frantically be looking everywhere, whether hiking, or at the store, or a zoo, or wherever we were.  Then we would have one of those "duh" moments when we realized how silly we were for not looking for him out front first.  He was predictable!

Oh, good memories are fun to share.  But there is an analogy to today's devotion too. 

Keep walking.
Keep walking by faith.

It's best if you just read it in the devotion, so go ahead and click!

Please pray with me.  Heavenly Father, who has placed Your son into our earthly families and given us the privilege of raising our own children, guide us to be faithful parents leading our children by example.  Thank you for blessing us in those moments when our children lead us by example.  We learn from our children what it is to have a child-like faith.  Grant us that child-like faith to get to where we are going, to the place You have prepared for us in heaven, Help us to walk by faith, not by sight.  Sometimes it is scary not knowing what is around the next bend in life.  Grant us trust, Father, that You are walking right there with us and protecting us.  Help us to keep going without complaining while leaning on You.  May we keep our eyes focused on the joys along the way rather than the worry.  In Jesus's name I pray.  Amen.

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(first posted 12/17/15)

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