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Getting ready to go home

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(first posted 11/29/15)

Happy first day of advent!  Are you prepared?

I am!  I am ready to go home!

In more ways than one!  I am ready to go home from holiday travels and hug my little dog girlfriends.  I pray for safe travel today. 

I am also ready to go home to be with Jesus. 

The difference is that I know the day and the hour for one "going home" and I do not know the day and the hour for the other "going home."

To be prepared is the theme of advent and I hope in some small way these devotions and Bible studies help you to keep prepared.

Today's devotion is about the Holy Spirit dwelling within you.  What dwells within you is what comes out of you.  Certain emotions such as happiness or sadness may come out, or certain personality traits such as patience and love may come out, or even your creativity may come out.

Please pray with me.  Lord, keep us prepared this advent season and all year round for your coming again.  Keep us strong in faith by the reading and pondering of Your word.  Thank you for creativity that gives us an opportunity to share what we learn about You with others.  Thank you for creativity that stirs and moves the soul within us.  It is such a beautiful thing!  Only You could have created something so awesome.  I praise You for You are such an awesome God.  Holy Spirit, welcome to my heart.  May I ever stay in tune to You so that I can be one the same page as Christ with what comes out from my heart.   Keep us in your present grace and focused on the joys above.

On the same page,


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