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Happy New Year! First Day of Advent


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(first posted 11/30/15)

Happy New Year! I forgot that advent is the beginning of the new church calendar until Bryan reminded us in a prayer. What a great way to start off the new year focused on Christ and preparing for His coming.  

The calendar new year normally brings about resolutions.  What resolutions are you going to make this church calendar new year?  Will you make a resolution to pray first daily? Read the Bible daily? Bible journal daily/weekly? participate in a challenge or study together with others? serve God by serving others? 

Above is a margin strip I made with one of the verses in the devotional.

Please pray with me.  Lord, help us to keep our resolutions and goals to spend time with You daily. We fail in our sins.  Keep us forever mindful of Your forgiveness, love, mercy, and grace. To You we lift up our eyes. May our offerings to you in artwork honor and adore You.  According to Your mind, we learn.  According to your mind, we live.  Keep us from any selfish hearts that may sit downtrodden feeling alone and and give us the will power to go to great lengths to be with like-minded people.  Holy Spirit, thank you for moving and stirring our souls when we are together with other Christians, just as the baby in Elizabeth's belly leaped for joy when Mary visited. May our joy be contagious and stick on others.  Amen.

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